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Troubles Sleeping?

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene  Learning how to practice good sleep hygiene may help you find a restorative sleep once again.  What is sleep hygiene? Sleep hygiene is defined by Oxford as, “habits and practices that are conducive to sleeping well on a regular basis.”  Sleep is the foundation that allows us to function in our […]

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Some people who have sustained a concussion may experience a change in their thinking (cognitive skills) and may have trouble with: • Making Decisions • Concentrating • Remembering and Learning • Multitasking • Language and Learning • Understanding • Planning and Organizing • Irritability Sometimes these changes can make everyday tasks more difficult. So, what […]

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Chronic Pain

Standards of care to manage chronic pain includes the development of self management skills, but for many people, professional guidance is helpful to know what questions to ask, where to go for support and little things you can do to reduce your pain intensity and improve daily functioning. Much of the educational information we provide […]

Ergonomics refers to good design intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury.  There are many great resources to determine if your work station is ergonomically sound including from the Cornell University which provides a picture and 12 great tips to follow. Another website from Stanford University, provides information on the importance of breaks, […]

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Integrative medicine includes yoga which is compromised of breathing, meditation and physical postures.  Research has show Yoga results in many positive health effects including:  pain reduction, improved mood and anxiety, reduced functional disability and use of medications.  Don’t know how or where to start?  Your OT is familiar with local resources and recommend an appropriate rehabilitative-type yoga class, so you […]

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The Centre for Disease Control (CDC), provides useful information on Brain Injury including monitoring, prevention and links to apps for training and concussion identification.

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