Med-Legal Services

Family Law

In the case of a divorce, if one of the spouses has a disability, the costs of their future care may need to be deducted when determining spousal or child support.  Likewise, when a couple has a child with special needs, life care planning can assist with planning what the associated costs will be for the family in order to more accurately quantify the contribution of each parent.  Certified Life Care Planners follow a published standard methodology in order to develop a comprehensive care plan and/or cost analysis for children with special needs or a spouse with a disability.

Estate Planning

If an individual has a chronic health condition or disability, there are more significant expenditures necessary, which may impact estate planning and wills.  We are a group of Certified Life Care Planners who follow a published standard methodology in order to consider and quantify all probable future expenses when developing a defensible document to assist stakeholders.



Due to recent changes to the Motor Vehicle Act, Turning Point is offering a variety of CAPPED CFC and FCE expert report options.  Please contact us for an updated fee schedule.

Cost of Future Care

Each expert OT at Turning Point has attained ICHCC Certification as a Life Care Planner.  When completing life care plans (LCP) also known as cost of future care assessments (CFC), we adhere to the published standards of practice of the International Academy of Life Care Planners. Our therapists opine on the care needs of those with chronic health conditions including but not limited to: mild to severe TBI, spinal cord injury, amputation, chronic pain, blindness, burns, facial disfigurement and catastrophic psychiatric injuries.  These standards include:


  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment
  • Determining standards of care through published guidelines
  • Research options that are appropriate and reasonably available
  • Analysing data to determine client needs
  • Developing an organized & concise plan for current & future needs
  • Researching fair market costs which are deemed reliable in future
  • Educating the court as necessary on the cost of future care/life care plan

Typically, the in-home assessment takes 3-5 hours depending upon the individual.  This standard methodology is utilized by each of our experts to generate an individualized and defensible care plan. Developing care plans typically requires 30-50 hours depending on the complexity.  All medical-legal reports are professionally edited and peer-reviewed for quality assurance.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Our experts have specialized education and training through JTECH Medical and Matheson.  The evaluation is conducted using state-of-the-art computerized functional assessment tools.  Use of these tools is combined with our clinical expertise to develop a reliable and defensible FCE report to determine residual work capacity. Our experts opine based on instruction, which typically includes residual functional capacity, employability and consistency of effort.  The evaluation takes place at our North Vancouver clinic and is typically scheduled for a full-day.

Combined CFC-CFC

A CFC-FCE report is also available since our experts are uniquely qualified to opine on both future care & functional capacity within one expert report.  This will add an additional 8 to 10 hours of clinician time to the typical CFC process depending upon the individual, but likely is more time and cost efficient for the client.

Referral Process & Fees

Referrals are coordinated through Aimee, our Scheduling Coordinator and typically dispersed based on particular area of expertise needed for the evaluation along with geographical location and scheduling.  We have an online referral form with the required information to initiate a referral on our Contact page.


Our experts charge an hourly rate commensurate with their advanced level of training and career experience.  Turning Point is offering CFC and FCE report options that are within the new capped fees as legislated for MVA cases.


There are no cancellation fees unless less than 24-hour notice is given; however, any time spent preparing for the assessment or trial will be charged.


There is no waitlist for defence referrals.