Cognitive Rehabilitation

Remedial & Compensatory Strategies

Our therapists are specifically trained to assess and develop cognitive rehabilitation programs using the latest in evidence based practice and technology.  Remedial programs to target attention, memory, processing and executive functioning are developed and implemented within the home setting.  Compensatory strategies are taught to improve thinking skills and daily functioning.


Turning Point Rehab has partnered with Cambridge Brain Sciences to bring you an online test geared toward improving your cognitive health and well being. Key highlights of this new service include:


  • Comprehensive cognitive assessment allowing you to objectively evaluate your short-term memory, reasoning, concentration and verbal abilities
  • Personalized report comparing your performance in core cognitive areas described above to others your age
  • 1 on 1 consultation to review and discuss your results, including a go-forward action plan geared toward improving the aspects of cognition you care about most



Read the Cambridge Brain Sciences white paper on keeping Mentally fit here: Guide to managing brain health. (PDF)

cognitive rehabilitation