COVID-19 Guidelines

March 27th, 2020 by Tracy Witty

We have implemented formal COVID-19 screening of our OTs, staff and clients.  We have increased frequency of disinfecting the clinic, hand-washing and will adhere to social distancing during any in-person appointments. Use of facial coverings aligned with WorkSafeBC and COTBC guidelines.

To adhere to OT professional guidelines, we will be working with clients and fee payers to determine if the requested OT service is essential prior to proceeding with any in-person meetings.  If deemed non-essential, the OT session will be conducted as a TELEHEALTH session via secured video-conferencing or postponed, depending on the individual’s need.  For more information on our telehealth services, please see the rehab services tab.

For up-to-date information or more information regarding COVID-19, we suggest accessing

  • World Health Organization is a great resource for signs, coping strategies and preventative measures.    WHO Advice for public
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is another great resource to stay updated on the current outbreak as well as preventative strategies: CDC Preventive Strategies
  • Health Canada is a resource with outbreak information, preventative strategies as well as listing government resources to financially help people during this global crisis.  Our clients may require knowledge and assistance to access these programs in a timely manner to prevent further financial strain.  Health Canada Strategies and Resources