Migraine Relief

By: Greg

At a recent conference, many treatments were discussed including use of medications, injections and supplements such as Q10 and Magnesium which should each be discussed with your physician.  Behavioural interventions which your OT can educate you further on included: biofeedback, keeping a diary for triggers, wearable technology to keep track of exercise and sleep as well as diaphragmatic breathing.

At Turning Point, we use HearthMath EMWavePro biofeedback device not as a treatment of pain per se, but to reduce pain amplification and the stress associated with the pain.  Research has shown that the resultant changes to the brain may improve sleep, clear head, improve focus and reduce fatigue, pain perception and stress.  Initially, coaching is recommended to begin biofeedback.  For more information on biofeedback please click here.

In addition, education is key for Migraine treatment and studies have shown that educational classes help migraine.  Self-management classes are offered at no cost from the University of Victoria around the lower mainland, two hours per week, for six weeks.  Check out their website to see when the next class in your area is scheduled: