Hospital Discharge

Transition Hospital to Home

We love being occupational therapists!  We have trained for years to help people recover from injury or illness and get back to what they enjoy doing!  Our OT team at Turning Point Rehab is highly experienced at providing in-home therapy services, so we are very efficient, knowledgable at procuring home safety equipment, mobility equipment and other therapy or medical services.  Being discharged from hospital soon, we can help!

Turning Point Rehab receive referrals for in-home occupational therapy regularly and from a variety of sources including ICBC, Worksafe, disability companies and legal professionals to help individuals who have experienced an injury or illness transition from hospital to home safely.

Our OTs will work with the the hospital discharge team and involved family members to ensure the appropriate equipment and supports are in place for a safe discharge home.  We participate in pre-hospital discharge visit, meeting the patient at home to see where any safety hazards or ares of the home that are inaccessible.  We will work to get the home set up for a safe discharge and meet you upon your discharge home to make sure everything works well and support services are arranged.  For example, someone who is discharged home not being able to walk, may require a wheelchair, bathroom safety equipment and a homemaker to help clean and prepare meals.

Once safely discharged home, our occupational therapists often continue to work with the individual to meet their rehab goals, e.g. to walk again, shower independently, make their own meals, parent their child, return to work/school, etc. If a personal care assessment is needed, we will help determine the number of hours of personal care needed to get your daily needs met, e.g. dressing, bathing, eating, etc.  Often, the OT works within a community based rehabilitation team, e.g. physicians, physiotherapy, counselling, chiropractor, etc. to help meet client goals.  Client goals are typically to return as close as possible to their pre-injury life and we are able to continue that journey of recovery until there is a plateau in function or the rehabilitation goals are met.

If you or your family member has been injured and need help planning hospital discharge you are able to self-refer.  Please contact us and we will help facilitate insurance funding or set-up self-pay options.