Costing Reports

BC Motor Vehicle Act Friendly Reports

Due to recent changes to the Motor Vehicle Act, Turning Point is offering a variety of expert report options.  A comprehensive cost of future care report or life care plan is not always required.  In such cases, we are able to offer alternatives that are still developed by our Certified Life Care Planners.


An expert report based on review of Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), with an OT home or virtual assessment.  This process results in a report with care items that have medical foundation with the OT-CLCP able to opine on home support needs, ergonomic or other equipment needs, and home modifications.  The prices of each care item is researched within the individual's geographical region.  Local travel time is included in this fee.


An expert report which outlines the medical foundation for each care item based on the IME alone.  The OT opinion is likely to be more limited scope but the price of each care item is included in this report.


A non-expert report that is an organized chart with each care item found within IME(s) that the price is needed.  In this option, the OT continues to rely on their experience to provide accurate and geographic specific pricing to assist with litigation or budget planning.  This is likely the most time efficient and accurate way to gather pricing of other expert recommendations.


  1.  What is the difference between an expert and non-expert report?  The costing chart does not meet the court requirements of certification, qualifications, scope of opinion and facts and assumptions relied upon and does not contain an OT opinion.  However, the costing chart is completed by our occupational therapist who are certified life care planners, so you are benefiting from their education, training and experience by relying on the accuracy of the information provided to you.  And, if at a later time, an expanded report is needed, then there will likely be a discounted rate as some of the information will have been reviewed and priced already.
  2. Do you recommend a home assessment?  Best practice is to conduct a home assessment which is our standard recommendation.  Since we have been in a pandemic, a virtual-home assessment has been more common depending on the client's preferences.  Being able to observe an individual's home really provides much more information and a foundation for a wider array of recommendations, if necessary.  However, if only the costs of all the items recommended within an IME is needed, then we are able to apply our expertise to that instruction.  We will attempt to glean additional details from the IME interview to assist with determining the most likely cost for each item.


If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.  Upon request, we provide sample reports, fee schedules and the CVs of each team member is located on the Our Team page.