Telehealth refers to the delivery of healthcare services through telephone or videoconferencing.  According to Health Canada, "e-health is an essential element of health care renewal; it's application to Canada's health care system will result in benefit to Canadians through improvements in system accessibility, quality and efficiency."

Studies have shown no difference in the ability of providers to obtain clinical information and to develop a treatment plan that produces the same desired clinical outcomes as compared to in-person services.  Audiovisual communication has been found to be more effective than telephone support only.  Telehealth is cost effective, including reduced travel time and expense.

At Turning Point, Microsoft 365 videoconferencing is used as a secure method to protect your privacy.  Download the MS TEAMS APP and your OT will email you a secure link and you're ready to get started!  We provide cognitive rehabilitation, ergonomic education ,activation programming and pain management education via telehealth.