Dionne Sellick

BSc. OT, Reg. OT (BC), CCLCP
Tracy Witty Turning Point Rehab

Dionne is an Occupational Therapist, Canadian Certified Life Care Planner, PGAP provider as well as an IMPACT credentialed occupational therapist.

Originally from the UK, Dionne graduated from St. Loyes School of Occupational Therapy with a BSc OT (with honors) in 1994. Since 2002, Dionne has worked in community mental health in Vancouver, BC. In 2015, Dionne joined Turning Point Rehabilitation as a consultant with expertise in mental health, chronic pain, concussion management, disability management, return to work planning and workplace ergonomic assessments.  Within her community-based practice, Dionne performed hospital discharge home safety assessments, cognitive assessments and cognitive rehabilitation.  She developed physical, emotional and cognitive reactivation programs with the goal of assisting the individual return to work, which may include ergonomic work site assessment.  For those with PTSD, Dionne provided exposure therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to assist in making behavioural changes at home and work through habituation of mental health resiliency strategies.  As of 2021, Dionne has become the Clinical Practice Manager at Turning Point Rehab.  Now, she is responsible for the recruitment, orientation, training, supervision and clinical support of staff occupational therapists with rehabilitation caseloads.

As a Canadian Certified Life Care Planner, Dionne continues to develop life care plans also known as cost of future care reports for individuals with chronic health needs including diagnoses of Chronic Pain, Traumatic Brain  Injury, Major Depressive Episode, Somatic Symptom Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD and Substance Abuse/Dependence Disorders.  Dionne has been accepted by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal and the B.C. Supreme Court as an expert witness in the area of occupational therapy, cost of future care and life care planning.

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