Jacquelyn Abdel-Barr

Tracy Witty Turning Point Rehab

Jaquelyn Abdel-Barr started her career as an occupational therapist (OT) in Vancouver, working in the outpatient hand clinic at Vancouver General Hospital and GF Strong Rehabilitation Hospital, spending the first 10 years of her career working with children and adults with spinal cord, brain injury, complex orthopaedic injuries and congenital disabilities both inpatient and outpatient providing occupational therapy services from time of injury, discharge planning to reintegration into the community. During this time, Jacquelyn served as a senior level occupational therapist within the Adolescent and Young Adult Program.

For the last 10 years, her clinical experience has been primarily within the provision of community-based or in-home occupational therapy for those injured in motor vehicle accidents and other forms of injury in British Columbia with most of her clients in the lower mainland area. These OT services include facilitating hospital discharge, setting up adaptive equipment and activation programs, cognitive rehabilitation, return to work/school planning, wheelchair and seating assessments, equipment prescription and fitting, ergonomic assessments, and case management services. The goal of OT services is to help the individual restore function and return as close as possible to their pre-injury participation in daily activities.

Jacquelyn’s work in community-based rehabilitation with Turning Point Rehab facilitated the transition to include cost of future care and led to her becoming a Canadian Certified Life Care Planner. For the last 8 years, she has developed life care plans for those who have sustained serious injuries and have ongoing care needs finding great value in applying her professional education and clinical experience to the development of each life care plan. Her education and training enables her to provide a combination CFC-FCE report and complex care CFC and is available to travel within Canada and to the USA for assessment purposes.

As a Certified Life Care Planner, Jacquelyn follows the standards of practice set out by the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP) and the International Commission of Health Care Certifications (ICHCC). This results in the development of a life care plan with sound medical foundation that is individualized to meet the unique needs of each client. She has testified in multiple trials and has been accepted as an Expert Witness in the areas of Life Care Planning, Occupational Therapy, Cost of Future Care, Functional Capacity Evaluation and Case Management. Jacquelyn believes her primary role as a Certified Life Care Planner is that of an educator by developing a life care plan that is easily understood and providing testimony that resonates with the trier or fact.

Whether you are a legal professional or healthcare professional, Jacquelyn Abdel-Barr is happy to discuss a specific case, life care planning or rehabilitation. She believes in teamwork, support and mentorship and is grateful to be a part of amazing teams with other certified life care planners. Please feel free to contact her directly.

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