Jil Smyl

MOT, Reg OT (BC)
Tracy Witty Turning Point Rehab

Jil has been an Occupational Therapist since 2013. She obtained her Bachelor of Science and Masters’ of Occupational Therapy degrees from the University of British Columbia.  Jil  supports and respects the practice’s key principles of holism and client centeredness. Using evidence-based practice,  Jil  enjoys working with various demographics in diverse environmental settings to facilitate positive change in the lives of others through rehabilitation and adaptation.

Jil works with youth, adults, and older adults with differing physical, cognitive, and psychosocial capacities.  She  works in many areas of Occupational Therapy practice including orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, spinal cord, soft tissue and multi-trauma injuries, mental health, acquired traumatic brain injury, mild brain injury and concussion.  Jil  is skilled in case management, home assessment, hospital discharge, reactivation programs, ergonomic assessment, job site visits and job site demand analysis, life skills training and functional capacity evaluations.